The Antelope Valley Restaurant, Winery and Brewery Association exists to

bring together our community, cultivate relationships, strengthen our local culture and highlight our local family owned brick and mortar restaurants, wineries and breweries here in the Antelope Valley.

Food is a major part of any city's culture, and the food scene here in the Antelope Valley is not only unique, but many of our locally owned establishments have become part of family memories and traditions.

COVID-19 has hit small businesses the hardest, and now is the time to rally together as a community to ensure they still occupy their corner of this city when this is all over. So for the entire month of January, 2021 we are hosting an event for all locally owned, brick and mortar restaurants, wineries and breweries in the Antelope Valley. Join us in celebrating the unique Tastes of the AV and enter to win great prizes while supporting our local small businesses!

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