Complexity Wine Lounge

Wine Lounge and Restaurant specializing in unique wine and food pairings.

Complexity Wine Lounge

#TasteTheAV Specials

Each week in the month of January we will be featuring 3 new dishes available for ONE WEEK ONLY! ⁠

Don’t miss out on these delicious Gourmet Grilled Cheeses!! ⁠Each served with roasted red pepper and tomato bisque with smoked gouda!

Cali Grilled Cheese
Lean n' Green Grilled Cheese
Neu-Rue Grilled Cheese

We’ve also picked 3 perfect wine pairings to go with these dishes available by the glass each week!

Order the weekly special, take a photo and tag @complexitywineav and @tastetheav with the hashtag #tastetheav to be entered into winning weekly gift card giveaways from Complexity!!! ⁠⁠

Complexity Wine Lounge